our roots

The Frontiersmen Trading Company philosophy is to create flavourful, unique and easy-to-use speciality food products creating a hands-on experience in the kitchen or the wild. Frontiersmen wants home cooks to reconnect with their food in the wilds of their kitchen on a weeknight or a weekend vacation in backcountry.

The Frontiersmen story began on a crisp autumn evening when four friends, passionate about creating great food and new adventures, got together for drinks and bar-b-que. By the end of the night a speciality foods and lifestyle company was born.

The spices and apparel created by Frontiersmen are inspired by their sense of adventure, culinary backgrounds, interest in design and passion for convenience in the kitchen. Brave and bold Frontiersmen products share stories of places traveled and adventures that are still to unfold.

Frontiersmen takes pride in using whole and organic spices, free of chemicals and preservatives.

We are the Frontiersmen Trading Company. Let us guide you to new culinary boundaries.