The Original

The Original


A do-it-all seasoning for any and every use.  Be it an overnight wander through the back country with only your hatchet, your tried-and-true cast iron, and your favorite flannel.  Or braving the untamed wilds of your family’s household on a hectic weekday night.  Take The Original along for a ride.  It will always be there for you like your trusty sidekick, Tonto.


Ready for any odd job in the kitchen.  Your personal assistant for all your culinary endeavors.  Whether only a small dash to a soup, a finishing touch on those freshly steamed greens, or a liberal coating to a roast chicken or a prime rib.  The Original is a versatile compliment to every dish you create.  It is the ace in the hole of your spice cabinet. 

Use on: beef, chicken, pork, fried potatoes, grilled vegetables and seafood!

Size: 110g

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